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Syrians are looking for ways to resist the winter

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Newly-added Services


Providing Bread

Phoenix logistics, in response to an increase in humanitarian and logistical demands, has decided to expand our logistical services projects of providing bread inside Syria from the currently limited involvement of supplying a number of bakeries with flour to actually making the bread and distributing it freely within Syria through an expanded reliance on our local staff and network of affiliates.
Phoenix Logistics will additionally provide visual verification, in the form of photographs and video documentation, to our client organizations and their donors in order to assure our partners of the legitimacy and comprehensibility of each step in the process.

Recent Projects


Prepare and Transport Food parcels For Barada Organization & UMR 

In our recent projects this year The company Prepared and packed 2000 food parcels for the benefit of Barada organization.The food parcels included different types of items which suit the needs of the Syrian families.After that They have been distributed in the Northern rural of Hama and Aleppo.