Winter kits project for the benefit of BAITULMAAL Ahed & UMR

In our recent projects this year the company has packed and prepared 1600 winter kits for the benefit of Baitualmaal Ahed & United Muslim Relief. The kit included 20 different items which suit the Syrian families needs who live in Turkey so they can face the cold during the winter. Also the company has handled the logistic service , Made the assessments and the distribution process to the beneficiaries in 3 different governorates in Turkey (Gaziantep-Şanlıurfa-Siirt). All the beneficiaries were orphans , or people in need .



Food Baskets project for the benefit of BAITULMAAL - USA

Phoenix logistics has implemented food baskets project for the benefit of Baitulmaal organization. The company has provided , prepared and packed the food baskets that contain (Flour - Sugar - Rice- Lentil - Oil - Salt - Tona - Macaroni - Bulgur - Salt - Tomato paste - Luncheon Meat - Margarine) . After that they have been distributed to vulnerable people in Rural of Idlib and Rural of Hama .