Udhieya / Qurban project for the benefit of BAITULMAAL - USA

Phoenix logistics at Eid al-Adha implemented Udhieya project for the benefit of Baitulmaal organization.The company has provided Sheep, slaughtered and distributed them inside Syria.There were 30 sheep that have been slaughtered in the Islamic way and distributed to the people in need. .



Prepare and Transport Food parcels For Barada Organization

The company prepared and packaged several food parcels for the benefit of Barada organization and provided the logistics service.The preparation process was completely done in Gaziantep in Turkey after that we sent the baskets to the Syrian-Turkish border. The food parcels included the vital items (Sugar-Rice-Lentil-Macaroni-Bulgur-Flour-Salt-Tomato paste) which will be distributed in Hama and Aleppo .